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A decorated A class loco on the line at West Beach, with the Burnie wharf visible in the background. Undated, from L. Batt. Probably taken in 1935 when the A was used during the tour of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

These two photos are by courtesy of L Batt and are undated, but most likely taken in the late 1930s.

SP class steam railcars lined up at Burnie.

ZB5 at Heybridge before work on the new road commenced.

Y5 arriving at Heybridge with acid from Burnie, 3 Feb 1990. Note the signal on the line running under the road to the now long gone Tioxide plant.

ZC42, now out of service, is leading what was to be the last train west of Burnie for some 14 months. 5th November 1996.

PT3/DP22 arriving at Burnie, 18 Jan, 2001. The railcar is at West Beach, crossing the points at the junction to the Brambles freight complex at the Burnie port.

ZP1 on the paper train with the new railway formation under construction.

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