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On the last day of 2003, ZC and ZB class locomotives hauled train 38 to Burnie.


2144, 2145 and 2128 lead train 38 through Penguin, 31st Dec 2003


At the eastern end of Sulphur Creek beach. This train is usually has 2 DQ locomotives as power.


2144 rolling onto the Blythe River bridge.


Blythe River, low tide. 2144 and 2145 are usually on the North East line running trains to Tonganah


Passing between empty log wagons at South Burnie


The three locos have been detached from the train and are backing up to the servicing shed. In the background Y class 2150 is preparing to shunt the train. 2128 was last in Burnie in June 2003, being used as a shunter after the log trains to Wiltshire stopped running.

To see 2128 and 2145 hauling the second last run to Wiltshire, CLICK HERE

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Updated 23 Jan 2004