2150 working the spur line to the Brambles terminal on Thursday 21 June 2001


2150 disturbing the seagulls.

PVH on storage road

On May 1, 2001, the PVH shunter was on the storage track with 10 class locos 1002 and 1003. At this time it seemed as if this loco had reached the "end of the line". Updated news and photos are on the "PVH leaves Burnie" page.|



However by the middle of the month it was business as usual again as the PVH (No. 21) was back doing its shunting job. These pics were taken Wed 30th May 2001 and shows the engine parked outside the original EBR station, with rumours circulating that the station may be purchased soon by the local city council.

1001 on blocks

Plenty of action re the 10 class locos...1004 has already gone to Lithgow to the Zig Zag railway, now 1001 is on blocks in the southern end of the yard.


Under a beautiful blue sky train 72 is crossing Edwards St. as it arrives in Burnie Wed 2nd May. By the middle of the month only three 11 class were operable, and 1002 was taken from the storage track and put back into service. Click here for photo and remaining loco details For the first time, an 11 class is now parked on the storage road. (1106)


2012 on train 38 at South Burnie.


Now for something older......ZC42, now out of service, is leading what was to be the last train west of Burnie for some 14 months. This train is passing by the site of a washaway of the line that closed the line on August 28th 1996. The washaway was repaired to enable retreival of log wagons still at Black River. This run was made on 5th November 1996.

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