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This is Burnie Rail's logo. These cars were purchased by the Burnie City Council for their passenger rail service which has also involved the purchase and refurbishment of the old Emu Bay Railway station. The railcars had a fairly successful season in 2001-2002, but apart from special charters the units have been mainly used on the Penguin Market shuttle service.


The BURNIE RAIL railcars have not been running since January 2006. There have been several reasons for this that are best not mentioned here, but currently no special trains are running in Tasmania due to the lack of any main line running agreements with Pacific National. This problem should be overcome once the new deal with the Tasmanian and Federal governments has been finally ratified. Sorry that I have not reported this earlier.


In the Federal Budget, 2002, $125,000 was allocated to a project to get a dining car up and running. The Burnie Council purchased trailer car PT5 which was parked at Tullah by the Wee Georgie tramway, in very poor condition. The externals and mechanicals of this car have been rebuilt at the Don River Railway, and were delivered to Burnie by coupling them between DP13 & DP14 on April 2, 2004

Burnie Rail with PT5

Progress up the Don Hill was "leisurely" 12.35

Burnie Rail with PT5

Nearing the summit. There was a problem with brakes that affected performance.

Burnie Rail with PT5

Passing Penguin Station, 12.37

Burnie Rail with PT5

Arriving at Burnie 14.06

The Burnie Rail Market Train departs from the original Burnie Railway Station off Marine Terrace in Burnie, opposite the Bay View Hotel. The entrance to the parking area is located near Ladbrooke Street.

Reservations can be made at the Tasmanian Travel & Information Centre in Little Alexander Street, Burnie (follow the italic "i") Ph: 6434 6111 or at travel@burnie.net The Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre is open 9:00am to 5:00pm weekdays and 10:00am to 4:00pm weekends.

FREE Burnie Rail Show Train

The Burnie Show often features the free Show Train, now using Burnie Rail rolling stock and operated by the Don River Railway. It is used in a special sponsorship of the Burnie Show and the Burnie community by Burnie Rail and the Burnie City Council. Trains operate throughout the day between the Burnie Railway Station and the Showground on some of the Burnie Show days usually the first weekend in October each year.

Burnie Rail SHOWDAY

Show train approaching Edwards St. crossing, Saturday October 5 2002

Burnie Rail SHOWDAY

Show train on Edwards St. crossing, Saturday October 5 2002

Burnie Rail at Penguin

Train at Penguin January 27, 2002

Initially, the railcars were used to transport people to the popular Penguin Market. This is held on the second and fourth Sunday in each month. Services in 2001 began on December 23, with the train running a shuttle service Burnie - Penguin - Ulverstone and return with departures at 0900, 1200 and 1500hrs. The trains have been well patronised.


One of the first uses of the railcars was to take guests and officials to the announcement of the takeover of the Wynyard airport by the Burnie Council and the Australian Airports Corporation. On their way to the airport, the cars are here crossing the Old Bass Highway at the 195km marker.

Burnie Rail

With the close proximity of the railine to the airport terminal, future plans were to include air to rail transfers on special occassions. The train has here stopped on the road crossing to discharge passengers. With thie railway west of Burnie now wearing a 10kmh speed limit, no trains have run since March 27 2003.

Burnie Rail

The railcars parked at the old Wynyard platform while waiting to return. For details of the unique runway/railway crossing at Wynyard, click here

Burnie Rail

The logo on the drivers access door of DP14. This unit would not have been to Wynyard in a long time, but DP13, the other unit, made many visits here when in Australian National ownership.

Burnie Rail

The Tasrail and Don River Railway crew wait patiently. The Don River Railway supports the Burnie Rail project, and provide crew for mainline operations and also look after the servicing of the units.

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